Are Fixed Rate Energy Deals a Good Way To Save Money?

Why you don’t have to be afraid of switching energy suppliers

It might be a little unnerving to switch energy suppliers, even if you realize that your current supplier is less than satisfactory. What if you’re not ready to switch plans? What if the rates are worse? Well, all of those worries can be laid to rest. We at City Power and Gas do not see you as just another client to have on file. We see you as a partner, and that is never someone to neglect. With our financial flexibility, we can meet you where you are at and give you the best options for moving forward in our partnership.


At City Power and Gas, we put you first with the rate and plan that matches your circumstances. This involves a pricing engine that takes into account your location. But if you need more detailed requests, then that’s not a problem. Our Energy Consultants can personally give you the best option without any overly technical jargon. Speaking of the pricing, we respect whatever kind of rate plan fits your current and future desires. For instance, if you are interested in going where the market rates take you, then that is perfectly fine. As is deciding upon a low fixed rate.


Not only that, but we also offer lowered energy bills to make things easier on your end. Our personal energy consultants will be able to look through your current bills, and from there recommend what areas you could save money. This is a great first step to figuring out the financial benefits that come to your life when switching to City Power and Gas. One such benefit is monthly reward savings. These savings include both necessities and pleasures such as dining, travel, and retail. Another savings benefit is our 15% rebate. This rebate is sent out based on the highest month’s supply portion of your gas and electric use.


So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started with your energy today! For more information on services and benefits, be sure to check out our FAQ section. If you still have questions not answered there, then feel free to contact City Power and Gas here.

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