Whatever your family or business energy need, City Power and Gas has a product option that’s right for you. For some, it is finding the most competitive variable rate, month to month. For others, it is the assurance of locking in a fixed competitive monthly energy rate, immune to market price increases. Whichever you choose, after 12 months of service, you’ll also receive an annual 2% Cashback Reward for your yearly energy supply charges.

Use our Energy Price Finder to determine which option might be best based upon your location or call us at 1-877-518-9339 to have one our Energy Consultants recommend the optimal plan for you.

Lower Your Energy Bill

Find a Residential or Small Business energy plan

With a fixed rate, you won’t be subject to market fluctuations, and you will pay the same rate month to month no matter what happens on the variable pricing market. Perfect for anyone who wants the ability to control monthly expenses with price certainty, and the knowledge that their rate is protected. You can choose a 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24-month period for these fixed rates. Our 12 month plan provides a rebate on your highest month supply charges.

This rate changes month-to-month and is suited for customers who want to take advantage of a low, or flat rate market and are comfortable with less certainty. If the timing is right, variable pricing may result in the lowest prices for you and you will also receive a rebate on your highest month supply charges.