The Benefits of a Custom Energy Quote for Your Small Business

The Benefits of a Custom Energy Quote for Your Small Business

Your energy plan should be created with the same personal approach as your small business. And it’s always a win when it can cater to your company goals. Here are four reasons why a custom energy quote can be the right move for your business.

  • Exclusive solutions

When you request a custom quote, our energy specialists calculate a plan that’s tailored just for your business. We’ll guide you to rates and term lengths that work best for your electric and/or natural gas needs. Then, you will know exactly what you’re paying for without guessing what’s on your energy bill. We’re available to answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way. 

  • Budget-friendly plans

No more worrying if you’re overpaying for energy — your business has enough on its plate. Get a customized quote that coordinates with your usage throughout the month, saving you money and energy.

Fixed-rate plans allow for price stability, so you’re free from surprises on your energy bill. The rates per therm and kWh stay the same throughout the term of your plan. You won’t be affected by unexpected weather changes or price hikes in the market, unlike a variable rate plan. It becomes easier to plan out your finances with energy and other expenses. 

  • Love for the planet

Show your business’s commitment towards a clean future by switching to green energy. You can live and lead more sustainably by opting for either full or partial amounts of renewable energy. All our plans are supported with renewable energy certificates (RECs) which confirm your energy was generated from a renewable energy source. Plus, it will showcase your accountability and corporate social responsibility. 

  • Greater options

You don’t have to settle for what’s just available from your utility or energy supplier. A custom quote allows you to explore options that are better suited for your business. Skip trying to fit into a plan that just doesn’t work. When you live in a deregulated state, you’ll always have the freedom of choosing your energy.

Since 2010, City Power and Gas has been dedicated to providing competitive rates and rewards to customers all around New York. We’re here to help you get the energy that serves your business — request a custom quote today!


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