Switch to Cold Water and Save Money

Laundry day can be the perfect opportunity to save money, energy, and your clothes — all by turning the dial to cold. Companies like Tide have already made the commitment to cold water washing with icons like Ice T and Stone Cold spreading the message. Make the switch to cold to see how much you can save:

Save energy and costs 

90 percent of energy goes toward heating the water each time you do laundry. By switching to cold water, you can cut that down by more than half! Your utility bill will be lighter and a cold water cycle will still do the job. According to Tide, you can save $150 annually on your natural gas or electricity. And upgrading to an ENERGY STAR laundry appliance lets you use 25 percent less energy and 33 percent less water. 

Care for clothes 

Washing with cold water can help keep your clothes stay like new. Your darks fade slower and bright colors bleed less. It’s also perfect for your blouses, dress shirts, and other delicate fabrics. And some stains like blood and sweat can set with hot water so they respond better with cold. Always ensure you follow the label on your garments when washing.

Help the environment

Switching to cold means reducing your carbon footprint. If all Americans made the commitment, we can lower carbon emissions by up to 11 million tons. You can also conserve water by doing full loads or adjusting the amount for smaller loads. When washing fleeces, jerseys, and other synthetic materials, they often shed microfibers into our water systems. This contributes to 35 percent of our plastic in our oceans. By using cold water, you can reduce the number of microfibers released in each wash.

City Power and Gas is dedicated to help you save every day

City Power and Gas is dedicated to help our customers feel good about your energy usage. . This starts with supplying you with energy made primarily from natural resources like the wind, sun and water. And extends to sharing tips like switching to cold water to wash your laundry, which will help you save money and do good for the environment.  

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