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Month: June 2018

A Beginner's Guide to Green Energy

A Beginner’s Guide to Green Energy

Green energy, or green power as it’s often referred to, is a way of harnessing natural processes to create energy in a manner that is sustainable for the environment. This typically includes: wind power, solar power, hydropower, geothermal energy, biomass and biofuels. Read more to discover the particulars of the most popular green energy processes….

Top 5 Ways People Waste Energy Without Even Realizing It

Top 5 Ways People Waste Energy Without Even Realizing It

  Incandescent Bulbs:Using incandescent light bulbs is both hard on the environment and your wallet. Not only are incandescents more expensive up-front (on average, incandescents cost buyers $12.86 more than a CFL bulb), but contribute to a large waste of household income over time. According to Popular Mechanics magazine, if the average United States household…

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Saving Energy with Smart Home Technology: Part 2

Last week we introduced smart home technology and how much it can improve your home and save on energy bills. Managing your energy usage manually through standard methods like a conventional thermostat, light switches, and appliances is better than nothing, but it doesn’t account for unexpected events or human error. The average household spends $2000…